Friday, March 25, 2011

Farmers share

The fellas in this house are getting up before coffee on Saturday morning. For the forth year in a row, they are working to serve the local community a large pancake and egg, sausage, juice, milk all served for one dollar donation. It was started a few years back by the local chapter of the Farm Bureau. It is to demonstrate that the farmer is not making all the money thought for the crops.
 Any how, they have been enjoying the father son day and who am I to intrude?  I think it is wonderful for them to share this activity and file it away in the memories.  Perhaps I had better go sneak in for a few pictures so I can scrap a page or two.  Oh how I wish I had thought of that a few years ago, so we could watch the boy grow!


  1. Hi Robyn, thought it high time I come in here and visit. Funny enough that is how I got into scrapbooking in the first place, a friend knew I needed some way of taking photos of my first bub and scrapping them all in the name of trying to keep my sanity!!
    This is a lovely blog, hope to pop in soon again.
    At least you have recent posts here, whereas I have totally left my poor blog in the dustcupboard for now.....
    Have a blessed day...

  2. Oooops Just realised you probably didnt know I am from CPC as Wombat LOL.