Thursday, April 7, 2011

April 2011

How did it happen so fast.  Not only is it April, (and it was Christmas a couple weeks ago, right? ) but, in three days my baby is turning 13! Oh my!
Today, I spend with my sister Brenda.  Her life is full of doctors appointments as she determinedly faces liver cancer head on! I am so proud of you Brenda!  You have taken on the world and pushed through so tough times and made some difficult decision.  Press on, my dear sister!  I enjoyed our day.  Love checking out new restaurants and see what food is available.  NOVA could become a favorite.  Who would have thought to deep fry a grilled cheese sandwich?  It was a little too much, but very tasty! Can't do too many of them in a short time frame!
 Thank you for being my sis, twin at times and not!

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