Friday, April 22, 2011

Fun On Friday, April 22, 2011 Layers

Head on over the the Christian Paper Crafts site and see today's challenge.  

FOF102 {4-22-2011}(preparing for the resurrection) adding layers to show the depth of His love!

In the 17th chapter of Matthew, Jesus took his disciples Peter, James and John and was transformed before them. As they spoke with Jesus, a bright cloud covered them and God spoke the words we are familiar with This is my Son, whom I love and am well pleased. What follows is 'Listen to Him' As they descended the mountain, Jesus told the trio to not tell of these things until after He (Jesus) had been raised from the dead.
As we prepare our hearts for Resurrection Sunday, Easter (or what ever is your custom to call the celebration of Christ death and subsequent miracle of coming back to life) Stand challenged to create a card for celebrating the love He has shown you in the blessing of Salvation. Perhaps a thank you to one who lead you to the Lord, or a person you admire in the way they show consistency in their walk. Put some layers to your project to reflect the depth of His mighty love!

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