Saturday, April 30, 2011

It is nearly May!

I am sure April is not yet it?  The passage of time becomes more rapid with the passing of time.  No, really it is true.  When I was just a child, time it felt, would take forever to pass. Days were long, weeks as well, and the years, well it felt like forever until the day I was able to drive a car, or how about turning 18? 
Well, not so much anymore.  Grandma, you were so right on this subject as well!! The older we become, the faster time appears to pass!  

Don't be caught unaware my friends.  Our Lord is coming again soon. No one can know the time.  But be assured, He is returning.  Are you ready? The bridegroom will be here to collect his bride.  You ARE the bride of Christ.  Had to understand that, for me it was anyhow.  With the events of the Royal Wedding yesterday, I am reminded through the waiting, the beauty of the ceremony could not have happened with out the preparation. Are you prepared. Is there enough oil in your lamp to shine a light while preparing for your Savior to arrive?

Live your life as if all things were to the Glory of the Father.  Because, friend, they are.

Father forgive my times of thoughtlessness, prepare in me a clean heart that I might let the light of your Love shine at all times! 

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