Friday, April 20, 2012


Many of you may be familiar with the Walk to Emmaus. It is a weekend packed with opportunities to share and grow in the love of Christ with others of faith.  In the world of corrections, there is an equivalent walk. It is KIAROS. Prayer is the most important part of this ministry.  I know of one such walk that is taking place in the coming days. Perhaps there are others across the planet that are preparing the way for another to come and meet the Lord, face to face in a spiritual sense.
If the Lord directs your heart to lift the people involved, would you join me?
Specific prayers for leadership, safety, wisdom and discernment. Prayer for softened hearts, with open minds and willingness to listen to the Word. If the Kingdom grows by one, what a day of rejoicing. Thanks for joining me in prayerful support for the door to share Christ's love in the prisons. For, as you have done unto the least of these, you have done unto me. Christ said it, I believe it. When I 'do unto the least of these' it is not judgement, but a willing heart to love as Jesus loved. Fully and unconditionally.

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