Wednesday, June 13, 2012

hi this is Katie again, I have a softball game, i get to pitch the whole game maybe. I went to the Visitor Center, and we took a nature walk. My uncle started a fire at my house. 
Now it is the next day, and I played catcher and pitcher and first base for my game last night!!  Today Grammie and I took my brother Justin to see the doctor so he can go to K4 next year.
Tonight we are starting for Ohio! I cant wait to see my Aunt Jenni.  Saturday my Aunt Kristi is getting married. I will get to play with lots of cousins and see lots of aunts and uncles and my great grandpa!

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  1. That sounds like such fun. . .and I thought the wedding already happened. Silly me and you get to travel back to Ohio. Well, no wonder Grammie is SO HAPPY!! (I hope that the fire your uncle started at your house was one he was SUPPOSED to start :O !! Have a fun trip!