Friday, November 30, 2012

Agur, found in the 30th Chapter of Proverbs

Agur, who's name means collector, is the son of Jakeh, meaning pious, or careful about things of religion.
This collector has been reared to acquire knowledge of matters of religion.  We find him here, declaring to others that he is an ignorant man, the MOST ignorant of men.
I for one think he was way beyond what level of knowledge I have acquired.  Here in Proverbs, he describes the abilities the Lord has accomplished, that humanly we are not able.  Really, can you picture scooping a little wind in your hand, and carrying a cloak of water  any distance? Not me!!
Agur cries out for knowledge of the Holy One. He reminds us in verse 7, to be careful of what we ask of God, for it is not desirable to have so much, we disown God. Nor is it pleasing to steal to meet our daily needs, because it is dishonorable to God.

I encourage you today, to read thru the 30th Chapter of Proverbs.  Look with a prayerful heart to recognize those things written about in today's life. I find the animal references very accurate because of my experiences. Is there something that speaks to you in a personal way?
I lift you in prayer today, as you go about your day, gathering peace for tomorrow, and acquiring knowledge of the Holy One.

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