Sunday, January 19, 2014


Many are the plans in a man's heart, but it is the Lord's purpose that prevails Proverbs 19:21.

Once again I find I have neglected writing on this blog. I want to re-examine the purpose for sharing in this way.

I enjoy writing, sharing my  thoughts as well as life lessons here is a modern day diary. The diaries of my youth are long since forgotten, gone the way of the burn pile years ago. Intermittently in adult life, I have taken the time to pen some words on paper.

Sharing the crafty world of paper. Yes, I still play with pretty papers and old pictures. However, I often neglect to take a photo. Rarely share it here.

In the past, as a part of the team at Christian Paper Crafts, I used this site to share designs and fun stuff.

This morning, it is just past midnight. I went to bed exhausted at an early hour, so I have had my required amount of sleep. Now the cycle may be messed up, but for now I am rested.

The Lord has provided for my small family in so many big ways in the past few months. Regretfully I have neglected to shout it from the mountain tops to let the world know how perfectly wonderful it is to see and know the presence of Christ in my life.

With that being said, I come to my computer this morning to share that HE in once again showing how he has plans for us.  Last week, hubby came home from work and shared there were two less deer in our area. Fast forward a few days, the insurance declares the deer won, car total loss. Now, we had of course, been driving it for a few days. Suddenly we are looking for a comparable car to drive. Rental last only 3 days after the decision to total. That leaves us with the week end to find just the right car. Sunday is the Lords day. Now the fine ford we are currently driving is a computer on wheels. Push button, touch screen controls. Not even a key required to start the pretty thing. I fun toy if you are a fella. Scary for this momma!  Indeed it will be better to be out of in and back into a late model that is more in my comfort zone.

Again, I say, Sunday is the Lord's day. In so honoring the need to gather together with other Christians, I am trusting the Lord to fulfill his promise to meet our needs.

PLANS? Sure, but His, not mine. I am again counting on Christ to show us the way to meet the needs in the little things. There is just the right one waiting for us to drive.

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  1. Hullo Robyn. What a blessing to have yr comment tonight. So glad you enjoy my posts by email. God is gracious so trust yr car arrived in time before hire car went back. May God bless yr day. Lv prayers Shaz in Oz.x ps this is on mobile.. normally doesn't cooperate but did tonight. :)