Wednesday, February 5, 2014


I have, selfishly, a burdened heart. We each face and deal in our own way with grief. I have experienced it often in the profession the Lord has placed me. This week has been a time of loss for me. More than a decade ago (maybe closer to two?), I learned that a school mate of mine was suffering with severe headaches. . . .  I began praying for her family. As time went by I continued to pray for the young girls whose life was ever changing. The day came when the mom went to be with Jesus and I continued to prayer for her "tween" girls. Prayer focus shifted and I continued to pray for a young father raising his daughters.

My own path of life continued with a multitude of changes. Joy, heartache, growth. I suffered from the separation, I allow to happen, from the greatest source of hope.  Years and bumps later, I began to realize I needed the Lord in my life at all times. So began the journey back.  Along the way I met many people that tried to distract me, and some that encouraged me to keep journeying toward Christ. Somewhere along the road of life, I joined a small group at our church and began the deep relationship growth that I experience today.  I am grateful for all that supported me along the way. If you have ever been involved in a successful small group, you know it grows to be a non-small group. Well during one of those times, I fell between the cracks so to speak. (I was new to the group, so when they birthed another group, I was lost to both). Each new group thought I belonged in the other.  I smile now, and it is okay, after all, our God had a plan all along. New groups, new leadership role in the ministry of small group.  Good things. In Jeremiah 29:10-12  I read the words, for I know the plans I have made for you.  Every experience of our lives add up to the plan the Lord has for us.

If you are experiencing life as a difficulty journey, please look to the Lord to guide you. I would be honored to pray for you, leave me a note. Nothing is published without my approval, so you can comment and not be seen by everyone.

Blessings, new friends.


  1. Hullo dear sister in the Lord.
    Lovely deep post, pray for you and those mentioned in post.
    .. and yes going through a really rough patch with health at moment. Things are hard at such times, esp as you wait for them to work out what is wrong...if they can. God's ways are not easy, but the fact He is holding your hand in & through it all really helps. Every blessing dear friend. Love Shaz in Oz xxx

  2. Another beautiful post of truth, Robyn! God is good and His plan is right and best! What a great comfort that is to us...if we would just remember it! :o)

  3. Oh, Robyn, what a precious blog post! I so agree with all you have said, and praise God, He has designed it all according to His sovereign will. However, it doesn't always "feel" good as we go through difficult times. So it's those times we run back to our Abba Father. May we remember that! Thank you for sharing, and praying that God will guide you and help you to trust Him.

  4. I just want to say I love you.

  5. I just want say I love you. You are always a blessing to me.

  6. Praying for all the family to arrive safely and that you will find comfort and love together...and peace through our Lord Jesus Christ!!