Saturday, November 20, 2010

November 20, 1935

Yes, you read that right, 1935. That is the day Mom was born!  WOW, seventy five years ago, my grandmother gave birth at a premature tiny infant girl!  Less than 56 years later, her life was snuffed out in a second by one man that had consumed too much alohol and suffered from impaired judgement.  Yes, a huge tragedy in our family. But perhaps, a the greater saddness surrounding that day, was the young man behind the wheel.  You see when he had a court hearing, his mother, who was alive, did not even show up in the court room to stand behind him in a troubled time.  He did not have any idea what his act of carelessness cost this family.  My heart goes out to him, even today, nineteen and a half years later.

Mom, I miss you, and today is a bittersweet day for me.  Tomorrow marks the fifth year since Grandma died.  My how I imagine the joy you share as mother and daughter, by the side of our Heavenly Father!  Thanks for instilling in me the love of God and country. And Grandma, your special insight into the things of God in the beauty of the earth, has inspired me to teach that to the next generation.

I love you and miss you both.  Happy Birthday, Mom.  Grandma, you do indeed deserve your very own 'birthday' into the Kingdom!

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