Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Suite Life

Zac and Cody.  Have you ever watched  Suite Life or Suite Live on Deck?  It is an interesting way of life for the preteen and teenagers as the actors grow up, In the age of  so much television programing. Back to back you may see the early versions immediately followed by the later tapings.  Sometimes real life feels like that.  Moves by too quickly.  Then if you continue watching the marathon channels or recorded episodes, you my find the child stars have reverted back a few years.
We are often like that in our walk with our Savior.  Feeding on the mana in our early relationship.  Finding we move off the milk on to the meat of Christianity. Hitting a bump in the road, we falter and find we must go back to be the easier to digest words.  It is an ongoing process as we learn and grow.  In the Bible we have multiple instructions to value wisdom above rubies.  Acquiring knowledge is an ongoing process.  I invite you to come along with me and read the Words of the Lord. I like to start each day with Proverbs in the chapter corresponding to the day of the month.

I am working toward being able to manage my blog by posting some challenges from CPC. First I must figure out how to do that.  The one I got up, was a mistake, yikes!  Working in it!  Blessing to each of you.

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