Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Loving life

My job requires a little suicide potential/history information gathering.  I love the the quick little laughs that often come forth, with the answer,  of no~ I love my life~ BIG SMILES~
Yes, life does get a little rough going at times, but it presents so many opportunities to share The Good News!
Jesus loves you! There are so many reasons to push on and persevere with all life deals you!
My heart goes out to my co-worker who, suddenly and unexpectedly lost her younger sister this week.  Prayers for comfort that only the Lord can offer to the depth only He provides.
If you are troubled and need someone to pray for you, let me know. I surely will lift your cares, even unspoken to the throne of our Heavenly Father. May you be blessed by the world around you as you strive to persevere and Count it all joy!


  1. Indeed...count it all joy while anxiously awaiting my eternal home with HIM! Bless you sister and may you have much grace as you persevere in the faith :0)

  2. Hi Robyn! I believe you are the one who joined in on the ODBD hop this week? If so... I suggest you stop by the blog to see the 3/3 post of winners! Congratulations!