Friday, June 3, 2011

Fun of Friday at Christian Paper Crafts

I love Fridays, the start of the weekend, implying relaxation time. Well, maybe not so much as when I was a kid and it meant no school, plenty of horseback riding and time at home.  I still enjoy the time at home, but my focus is a little different! Over at CPC, Jonia and I share a Friday challenge. This is my week to encourage you to have a little fun!  Check out the challenge for today.

Welcome to June of 2011's first Friday!! How did that happen, I believe Christmas was only a couple weeks ago!As you may already know, I am a great fan of the book of Proverbs. There are 31 chapters and structures my reading each morning by corresponding the date with the chapter for opening my day with the Lord. The 24th of May was my DH's birthday. As I was reading, I realize how special he makes me feel. So this challenge was born.
Proverbs 24 verse 3:By wisdom a house is built and through understanding it is established. And in verse 5: through knowledge its rooms are filled with rare and beautiful treasures.

June traditionally brings many events. Fathers day, graduations, weddings. All of these events are based on acquiring of knowledge. Our heavenly Father is the giver of wisdom. My earthly father is a wise man. My husband with whom I build my house, is full of grace for me as well! The rare and beautiful treasures include the memories we gather as we walk through this world, together.

For June 3 FOF108 we will be encouraging you to make a project for a dad, grad, or anyone else using images of houses, or an owl, or any other thoughts the Lord reveals to you as you ponder this verse.

Here, you will find the altered notebook I created and titled, Journal me this!! Now I am wondering, is this for my Dad, or niece, or perhaps my sister, to keep track of the multitude of thoughts that enter and exit.
As you are inspired by the challenges here, upload to the gallery so that we can encourage and enjoy your creations. Remember to use FOF108 for this challenge. When you share it others places use CPC-FOF108.
Looking forward to sharing with you! Remember there are no challenge time lines. Join in as time and creativity all allow!  Take a look at the fellowship and creations over at the Christian Paper Craft neighborhood!

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  1. Your altered notebook is really wonderful Robyn! I went to CPC to see the photo of it! I love all the great keys! Thanks for your sharing...I love Proverbs too! Have a great weekend!...Nancy :o)