Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Let the children come unto me.

When Jesus spoke these words, I wonder if He was thinking about the summer as my dear grandchildren come to visit from so far away?  Kate and Justin have been here ten days and I have enjoyed every minute of the time we have shared.  Thank you to the Dad and Mom for sharing! 
Our time has been filled with visiting others, swimming, laughing and playing. Today, Uncle Sammy, affectionately known as "Duh" spent some time with Justin while Grammy and Katie went on a 4-H scavanger hunt at JO-Annes. Discovery is a great way to learn.  Then a little side trip to the local Hobby Lobby.  Oh to have an endless cash flow to splurge in either of those places!

David cries out to the Lord in the Psalms to say, Give me just enough, not so much that I will turn from you, nor too little that I would curse you... Thank you Lord for supplying our needs, even when we get them confused with out wants!

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  1. So thankful the little ones have "come unto you!" Thanks for the encouraging post! Blessings!