Sunday, October 30, 2011


The weather is cooling off, evidenced by that cold white stuff on the cars each morning.  How refreshing to step outside on a cool autumn morning.  But knowing I can step right back inside the warm house is as rewarding as the beauty of a sunrise.  Both are provided by the Lord.  HE is  my rock.

Yesterday brought a note of sadness to the lives of our family.  Fifteen months ago, my sister was given the news there was a growth in her abdomen, some spots on her lungs and lymph involvement.  Intense treatment followed, and she has done well.  Fast forward one year, the doctor, amazed at how well she is doing, has the sad task of telling her there are now more growths.  New chemo drugs and the wait begins again.  The most recent images tell the story of cancer invasion.  The new drugs is not reducing the growth, not it seams even, slowing it down.   She is a very determined woman.  Asking the Lord to provide acceptance of this event.  She has lived each day of the last 15 months to the fullest, never missing an opportunity to do the things she loves.  She plans a short cruise in two weeks (something, she really loves to do). Please, you join me in prayer for a safe, enjoyable time, free of pain, fatigue and dedication to the Father.


  1. I will definitely join you in prayer, Robyn! Thank you for sharing!...Nancy :o)

  2. Joining you to pray that your sister would enjoy this trip and that she would (as we ALL should be doing) enjoy each day as a gift from God. I also pray that many lives would be affected for the kingdom as she walks through this trial in His grip of Grace. Hugs to you :0)