Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The time the Lord allows us to immerse ourselves in life, as we currently know it, is put to use as we see fit. Each day,  I try to start out in the book of Proverbs. Thirty one chapters. One chapter a day each month. Recently I have been under great conviction. Returning my heart to a place of reverence and worship, continually. That conviction took me some time to recognize and submit to. With the commitment of that recognition of the conviction, come a new set of trials. As many of you may already know and recognize, the enemy does not like the sort of activity! So this has been a week of trials and tribulations.  Sadness, anger, hurt are only a few of the emotions I have bounce through. Recognizing the work of Satan's hand, I praise the Lord for the trials. It is clear evidence of victories to come!!!!
For my own personal daily lift, the Lord has used the voice of David Jerimiah to bring me peace and a perfect lesson for each day! Turning to the scripture instead of people, we are far more comforted!
Blessings my dear friends!

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