Thursday, July 12, 2012


Good Day blogging world! I had a little unspoken for time this morning, so I did a little blog hopping to some of you have visited my blog in the past. I found lots of great ideas to inspire me. I wanted to share with your from Sally because she has some fun sketches she works with. Now you may ask, why sketches? Well I could never really figure out why anyone would limit themselves to using sketches. Some time back, my cyber pal Gloria, (and what a well know she is!) was doing sketches, so I tried one, then another, then, well....I was addicted to sketches as my own jumping off point! A GREAT inspiration after all my hesitation!

Visiting Abby this morning, I found her scripture challenge uplifting and inspiring. Her designs are soothing to my eye and heart! Thanks Abby, for your faithful servant's heart!  Jan, has some beautiful work displayed on her blog as well. Her colors and style is causing me desire to ditch everything today and run to my scrap room and play all day!
Natalie, has a cute sketch featured this morning as well! Her cards are soooo cute, and her witness to the Lord unshakable! I love the use of Angella's colors on her card, I viewed this morning! She has lots of pretties on her blog spot! Nancy, at The Nickel Nook, has a cool sketch also. But scrolling on down, I found a post about Kindness.....It makes the world a better place.

A short time back I posted about courtesy. So, when I read Nancy's words about kindness, it struck a cord with me.  Hanging over my pantry door is a simple sign the reads: Kindness Matters, and I believe it does. Now I believe I need one that reads SIMPLIFY, and then I should follow that advice!!

May the Lord go before you on your path for today. Armored and refreshed, face your giants, showing kindness and courtesy, modeled from Jesus, (sort of a sketch?) of the way we should go. 


  1. Good Morning Robyn!! Thank you for your kind comments on my Blog this morning - what a treat to read. That window in my "header" is the window over the kitchen sink at my families Beach House in Pocasset, Cape Cod. It is my favorite place to be!! I grew up in a wonderful Christian family. The Beach House has been in our family for over 80 years. My parents have gone on to Heaven and this Summer house is our Family Homestead - so many precious memories it holds with many more to be made.
    Wishing you a day filled with His Blessings!!

  2. Good morning, Robyn!
    What a lovely post full of sharing! Thanks so much for the great shout-out! I'm familiar with several of these women and their blogs. However, some are brand new to me. I'm going to be back to check them out in the coming days! Blessings to you on this beautiful Sunday, my friend!...Nancy :o)