Friday, June 29, 2012

June 29, 1996, I married my dear friend. Today we celebrate 16 years together. Apart! He left for work at 0430, but I did get up and fry a couple eggs for him and put the coffee on! Before he has completed his work day, I will be on the road with our grandchildren, heading north. When I married Bod, I brought with me two grown children. He has treated them with respect and given of himself over the years. Let me tell you, there is not a grandpa on this earth that loves his grandchildren more! Poppy's girl and little guy love him back. But, alas, they live over 800 miles away, and I guess we SHOULD share them with the Mom and Dad! So today, we impart on a northbound journey. The word is, there will be a lot of traffic because of the holiday weekend. I am in constant prayer for safety for all.
Wednesday evening we had a quiet birthday celebration for my oldest child. Who says 37 years feels like much less? I DO! Thanks to shared ideas on Pintrest, we had a few bubbles! Re-purposed socks, water bottles, a little dish soap and some duct tape and voila, bubbles!

I don't get this sideways photo thing going on. I don't import them that way, but I am finding anyway to do it differently.  The bubbles were a lot of fun all the same!

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