Friday, August 3, 2012

One Saturday in July, I was enjoying time playing with paper with some others in the fellowship hall at church.  I have not created for so long, I was enjoying the opportunity to touch and put colors together. Bob and Sammy were home doing what fellas do on weekends. My cell phone rang, Bob on the other end, told me our son had 'run over his phone" What I heard, was Sammy ran over his thumb.....How could he be so calm.  Bob, repeated the same thing to me twice more, and I asked why he was not at the hospital and he slowed down and said each syllable, adding, his TEL E phone!
You can imagine my relief, to learn it was not flesh and blood, but an unimportant object.
Our Heavenly Father is like that, we perceive events in our lives to be devastating, and He is there understanding the reality of all things.  Speaking slowly and with confidence, that all will indeed be okay.

This is what remains of the iphone, my son carried. Shredded into countless pieces. Unaware of what he had run over, his thought was "I wonder where that came from, I picked up everything before I started mowing" In the time it took to process that thought, Sammy realized it was his phone that was scattered upon the lawn. He took time to tell his Dad, then took a baggie and gathered the pieces. The larger dark area in the corner of the picture is one half of the hard shell case.  It did all it could to protect the electronics contained, but as you can see. It was a false sense of protection!!

Yes there is a lesson here. I am still exploring.

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  1. LOL Oh, dear! That's quite a photo, Robyn! Thank you for a wonderful post!...Nancy :o)