Tuesday, August 7, 2012


On Father's Day a few years back, we were sitting on the patio of a dear family. The eldest son, was not feeling well. As healthcare professionals, his mother and I urged him for further testing. I know in my heart, his Mom was very aware of the possible problems that lay ahead of him.
A few weeks later, I was enjoying some time with my sister in another state. My friend called and share that her son had indeed had further testing. The word was not favorable. Cutting our time short, I hurried back home to be with my friends in the hospital. Then off to another state for treatment for the evil beast, cancer.
One evening I got a phone call, " I wanted you to know, I asked Jesus into my heart!" No words could ever be more welcome!! Within a few weeks of diagnosis, we attended his funeral. August.
 Fast forward, August, 2010, my niece is dancing at a local festival, that my husband, son and I are helping at.  She shared that her mom was in great pain last night and had gone to the urgent care center that morning, unable to attend the dance performance that day.  I called to check on my sister, she was preparing to go to a bigger hospital in an ambulance. That night, our family gathered in her ER room and listened to the doctor tell us, what we thought might be pancreatitis is a large mass on your pancreas and liver. In the days that followed, the doctors gave little encouragement. My niece was a senior in high school that year. Her mom, to the amazement of the doctor DID see her graduated. Brenda continued to go forth in great faith and live each day.  August, 2011, The latest in scans show rapid growth, even with the latest treatment.  A matter of time. Hospice. Thanksgiving came, family from other states came in and we enjoyed our holiday together. Christmas came and we celebrated the birth of Christ. Quietly. January, and I moved in, we celebrated her last days on earth in a giant slumber party, celebrating her last gifted months.
I learned much from my sister in those months. I really didn't know her well . . . We were close once. But time and business got in the way. I am so glad we never lost touch, but treasure the last months, and the precious time with the Lord we shared.
Yesterday was my birthday. As a child everyone had a special day when that time of year rolled around. August has been quiet this year. Praising God for his faithfulness, and His eternal love. Missing my mom and my sister. You see, Brenda and I were just 10 months apart. As kids I loved that fact that I was a twin to my older sister for a short six weeks each year. As an adult, she sent me flowers, a card or spent other special moment. 'Happy Twin day"  I missed it this year.
May your day be blessed with the wonder of HIS love! Find and treasure a moment of time today.

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