Wednesday, August 22, 2012

With a grateful heart

Waking each morning, I am thankful that I am. This morning however, my daughter was sitting on my bed, before she headed out to work. Mom, there is no water....
Quick call to punch thru the 80# that is answered 24 hours a day. On the second try I got a person and someone had just called a leak around the corner.  Less than a hour later, I hear the refreshing sound of water...filling the tanks in the bathrooms..OH what a wonderful sound!

So this morning, I am praising God I do not have to haul water from the barn to flush!!
Today I am also thankful for a few minutes to spend online chatting with a dear friend!
Mornings are cooler, making a pleasant time to enjoy the quiet of the day.
The birds are making a joyful noise and the soft ticking of the clock, signals the passing of time.
Blessings to you. 

1 comment:

  1. A lovely post, Robyn! At least once the stress of no water was over! lol Isn't it lovely to feel that coolness come into the morning? The days have gotten so much shorter, as well! So I also get to enjoy the sunrise and hear the birds awake! Such beautiful blessings! :o)