Sunday, September 16, 2012


The crisp air of fall is in the air, sometimes.  The thermometer  reach a warm/hot 92 today. Looking at the foliage, the green is fading to yellows and rusty reds. The breeze sounds different when the calendar turns to September.
Autumn, a favorite time of year for me.  Maybe, because it is fall!  This year, the changing of the season reminds me of the life changes as well.  I remember a song from my earlier years, about the autumn of our lives.  For me, that could define this 'season' of my life. 
Brenda was born 57 years ago on the 16th of this month. I am feeling a little melancholy these last few days. Missing my sister, wishing to chat with her about a variety of topics. Just talking to clarify my own thoughts. She listened. Sometimes sharing her own strong opinion  on one subject or another....usually not the same as mine, but non judgmental toward me, all the same. 

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