Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Crispy Mornings

As I fell asleep one night, it was to the sounds of  a gentle storm. An oxymoron of sorts. The rain falling on the roof and hitting the windows, cleansing the surface dust from the harvest.  A cleansing of the heart is often needed after the end of a busy week, or a trying time in our lives.
God is good to send that cleansing into my life, often when I do not even know I am in need! For several weeks I have been prone to easy, weepy tears. If I study the reason's why, there are a lot of potential reasons. 
My youngest son has entered high school, albeit, home school, it is still a milestone, (marked by his new interest in girls). Enter another, OH MY!!  The weather is cooler, the light of day shorter. The inside chores piling up. The outside tasks, left for another time. A reminder that our lives become too busy to focus on the simple task of everyday, which make days more enjoyable.
I was thinking/planning to buy a nice used car today.  Another bump in the road, will delay that.
Have you ever noticed that 'stuff' just comes in clusters?

The crispness of color and cool weather, a reminder of the beauty of our creator. How He alone put the simplest of colors together in the portrait of delight. A scene that define description of mere words. This fall season has lasted for several weeks. So often in the past, at the peak of beauty, a storm fiercely whips the colors to the ground in a flurry of hurry!
Society, one could surmise, is okay with the flurry of hurry. Packing as much into each day, there is no time left to pay attention to the stillness of God.  In the stillness of the autumn mornings, there is much to learn. I see a clear reminder of the season as it winds down, by God's design, into a season of rest. The leaves have lost 'life' as evidenced by the vivid colors. There is no longer the busy work of the green chlorophyll, but a time to fall to the earth to replenish the soil. Quietly, decomposing into the pleasant smell associated with the fall air.
Soon the grounds may be blanketed with a snowy white purity, as if cleansed for a new beginning. Only the Lord Almighty was able to design this earth with a plan as perfect as this.
Be blessed today.

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  1. What a beautiful post you have written here, my friend! A truly wonderful description of this fabulous Fall season! God is so good!
    I just wanted to tell you that I appreciate you! Your comments on my blog this morning meant a great deal to me, and I thank you! Now I have been equally blessed by my visit to you here!...Nancy :o)
    (I really like the changes you've made to your blog too! It's lovely!)