Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Organization and Planning Ahead

My Christmas baking was put on hold because the oven is not working. Well, lets face it, it never has worked properly. So my dear hubby bought me a counter top oven.  I plan to use that.....soon!  The thought I wanted to share here is that of my sweet nephew seven nephew.  My sister and her husband have fostered many children through the years, adopting two wonderful little boys. Okay, they were babies, but now are growing young men.  Zac, at seven, made this plan for his future. "Mommy, do I have to get married?" to which Mommy answers, well, no, but when you marry, you will marry a girl.. The young man has it all planned out.  He told his mom, that 'she will go to work and I will drive the kids to school.' I was on the phone listening to this conversation.  Zac says, then when the kids are at school, I can play video games all day!"  Yep, he has it all planned out.

Our lives and relationship with the Lord is like that.  We want to get the obligation of setting the stage for the fun, we think we want.  When the course of time follows, there is a plan that the Lord already has in place for us.

This prayer is for you, my precious nephew,  May the Lord reach inside your heart and direct your every step. So that you will become the man of God, he desires for you......and you, and each of you.

So tomorrow I will begin by planning the Thanksgiving menu and maybe bake a pie or two. I am so very thankful for my sweet family. North to South the Lord is faithful to walk with us each day.
Blessings readers.

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