Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas 2012

It is closing in on midnight, December 25, 2012.  I believe it was a well celebrated season with our family. A wonderful church service on Sunday, about a teenaged girl, engaged to an 'older' man, whom she loved. Faced with a task so overwhelming, one would be in wonder if it was a dream, or just what was happening.  Well, she faced it with a faith so deep, it should inspire each of us, to listen with our heart, and follow the instruction from the Father.
AHH, but it is so difficult to determine if it is He that speaks to us. Do we twist the message into something of our own desire, or truly LISTEN, when the Lord puts a task before us?  I for one forget to tune out the selfish desires of my human heart, in order to 'be still' listening for the quiet voice of my Savior, to understand fully what it is He is requesting of me.

Although it has been nearly a month since I last posted, I find the weeks have been full. Filled from dawn to dusk, with wonderful memory making opportunities. Some, easier to heed than others. I have found the pleasure of watching as my 14 year old son competes in organized sports for the first time. He has been bowling since he was 6 or seven. Not really sure, but this year is the first year he has competed against other teams. He is on the very young bowling team for our local Christian school.  He has done well, after the first two weeks, of become familiar with the surroundings of the competitive sport.

We have also had the privilege of spending an extended time with our delightful grandson.  Although he and his sister (and of course the mom and dad) live very far away, mom was traveling across several states for some training. We are so glad our home was along the path and Justin came to stay with Grammy, Poppy, Aunt Jenni and 'Duh', as our Sammy was dubbed by him a couple years ago. (no one knows where that came from, but we go with it!)  He is one energetic, imaginative four year old. I am one happy Grammy.  He did of course, head back to the far north to be home for Santa's arrival. In the absolute interpretation of  the mind of  a 4, he inquired each morning if 'it is Christmas Eve yet?' This morning he ask Daddy that question, and proceeded to check the stockings and under the tree.  It took an explanation of the difference between Christmas Eve, day vs night.  While I was hearing that story, I could near see the wheels turning.
Joe, Christine, and Katie, thanks for sharing.  We love you all.

Then there is the amazing ability of technology to see the family, all those miles away, unwrapping and enjoying the thrill of a Christmas morning, from the prospective of the young children.

May we never loose touch with the true mystery of Christmas, and renew our joy in Christ, as we ponder these things in our hearts.  One of my favorite verses of the Bible, which I refer to as ' a momma's verse'. For as a Momma, I do indeed ponder, and treasure moments in my heart.  I pray that each of us are able to recapture the newness of the miracle of Christ, as he choose to come for ME and YOU!

May you be a blessing to someone this week. You bless me with your visit.

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