Friday, January 11, 2013

Twenty thirteen

When I was but a young girl, I wondered how could I ever wait for that magical thirteenth birthday. That was many, many years ago.  I reached it, passed it and many other milestones birthdays in a young girl's life.
Dates, marriage, children. Failure and successes along the way. Peaks of happiness and toughs of sorrow along the path.  Everyone has experienced the emotional ups and downs of life. Some to greater or lesser degree.
If one specific factor could be identified, from a human perspective, that is, I would attribute finances, abundance or lack of as that influence.
From this as well as my life experience I would pray that each one of us is able to see the light of Christ as the stronghold and pillar of center for our lives.

Are there any young or old, gals out there that didn't dream of Prince Charming, or becoming 'Miss America' some day?  Isn't it romantic to think that a fella would love you so much that he would die to save your life?
I know my husband loves me enough to sacrifice to save me.......if he is in the right/wrong place at the right time!  But I KNOW one that DID already make that sacrifice for me...and you.
Imagine with me for a minute, Father and Son, one, yet individuals, having a conversation, Dad says, something about being saddened by the activities of the people running around in the scene before them. The son, in thoughtful replay, says Dad, I will intercede if that is what you want.

So to a young girl, a virgin, he took on the form of not just a baby, but the seed of God for the girl to carry and birth.  I imagine she was not spared the pain of birthing a child.  He walked the path of life, with its milestones of the day, and willing crawled upon that cross to bear the agonizing death of crucifixion. According to Wikepedia The practice of this is a deliberately slow and painful execution. Christ knew, before He left the side of his Father in Heaven, what he would endure.

Yes here in 2013, He still loves me and you. May your comfort and happiness be found in the joy of Jesus Christ.


  1. Beautiful post ! Happy New Year to you and your family.

  2. Amen, Robyn! The JOY of Jesus Christ is my strength, as well as my comfort and happiness! Thank you!...Nancy :o)