Sunday, January 20, 2013


Agape is an all consuming and total acceptance kind of love.
Cuppa mine is often coffee, make yours whatever brings you comfort. Water is good too, or tea....all depends on the day! How about you?
My tag line brought up a highlighted and underlined word l o v e.  It linked to a pop up or hover over....what ever ..of pictures to link to that does not meet with my approval. If any of you know how to avoid that, I would be delighted to learn what there is to know about! 
So, after some thought, I decided to use another word. I tried a few, then settled on agape. Christ loves us with an unconditional love, called agape.  I am challenged to give that sort of love to people that surround me. To love my children that way is one of the easiest for me.  Hmm, guess there is a reason we are referred to as children of God!

Yesterday I was privileged with the company of my great niece (3) and nephew (5). They rode in my car a short two miles and it was quite the adventure in education. Landon, an attender of K4, four days a week,  was insistent he could' not remember nothing of what I did at school this week'. Well, he did remember he shared at show and tell.
Landon: It is of course a time when you get to have two people ask questions about what you are sharing. Me: So Landon, what did you share this week?
Landon: I don't remember. We pick something from home that starts with the letter our teacher says.  I think it was O this time.
I complimented him on things he knew and he reminded me that he didn't know his address. So goes this conversation with my knowledgeable nephew. I asked what town he lived in and he told me the wrong one. Then the three year old pipes up with a trial attempt of pronouncing that town.  Aunt Rena lives in Mt. GGGi.....well, she did get it right, and Aunt Rena does live there. As I confirmed that, Lydia was a little confused about how I could know that.  Oh yeah, you been there before!  Of course I had, Aunt Rena is my sister.  The surprised voices from the back exclaim, I didn't know that!! What a discovery to find out their grandma (NANA) was my sister as well! Aunt Brenda too!? Yes, they remembered her, she died and now she lives with Jesus.

Fast forward an hour or so later.
Lydia: "Aunt Bobbie, How does Aunt Brenda eat?"
Me:  Well, Lydia, I believe Jesus has prepared a feast for her.
Lydia: "So she eats giant food now?"
Me: Giant food? Well, do you think she has a big tummy now?
Lydia:" If Jesus is bigger than everyone, he has giant food"
Me: Yes, Lydia, Jesus is bigger than all of us. He loves us more than any other is able.

Now that is an agape love!!

Sunday, January 22, 2012, Aunt Brenda went to live with Jesus. Now she is feasting with Jesus.
John 14:2&3 Jesus tells us. In my Father's house there are many rooms. If it were not so, would I have told you that I am going there to prepare a place for you? And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come back and take you to be with me, that you also, may be where I am. In Luke 13:29 we read They will come from East and West and North and South, and will take their place at feast in the Kingdom of  God.
Even if I am not able to define feast in the heavenly sense, I know she dwells there, no longer suffering the anguish this life oft times offers.

Thanks for listening. May you be blessed as you go about your day.


  1. Greetings Robyn! Thank you for your visit and words of encouragement! You are so right! Many times over the last 7-10 years my mantra has been "one moment at a time dear Jesus, one moment at a time! I'm a Nana of two heartbreakingly beautiful kids also and my sister Brenda lives in Rockford, Illinois! Aren't grands a special gift from God? I feel so often that my love for them is more of a unconditional spiritual love that is so difficult to explain! Blessings, Jan

  2. Kids are the best. Hope to see some of your work on the loom, I love baskets. hope to read more about your life.