Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Not exactly a TBM

It was more of an AAHAA moment this morning. Yes exasperation was the motivation once again. (I must work on that) We were going to cut some potatoes with a special cutter, but when I removed it from its keeping place the piece needed for making the task easy (and making the right cut) was not there. I searched, had a little fit and blamed family for not caring to put things away as they should be. (Found it, on the floor covered with dust and dog hair, gross!!!)

Fact 2: DS a freshman working on technology presentation, recently received a poor grade in a presentation that on paper met all the criteria. (a power point actually) The slides were okay, met the minimum requirements. You guessed it, oral presentation was totally absent. The momma already guessed that was missing.

Now the aahaa moment defined.

 If a review of the proper way to put away the food chopper parts
practice presenting to an audiance
Twofold success

So when I go about the business of living, I tend to find fault with others, overlooking my own shortcomings. Conviction comes in waves, some are gentle upon the shore, others come crashing down on me like a stormy sea.  Keeping my eyes upon the Savior is the only way for me.  Now if I can only remember that each day. Make that each moment of each day>
be blessed.


  1. Yes, Robyn that is something for each of us to remember daily. Keep our eyes on the Lord and it will sustain us and keep us where we need to be. Hope you are doing well dear sister! Miss talking with you daily via CPC!

  2. Hi Robyn -- your sweet comment just made my heart sing! I cant wait for your precious donation to the project!!

    I am moving ahead maybe a little ahead of schedule on the nests -- I hope to have yours to you soon!!!


  3. Oh, yes, Robyn! That's it exactly! :o)