Monday, January 28, 2013

An Angel at Trine!

This past weekend, I traveled with my sweet Dad to Angola, Indiana. He wanted to drive up to see Angelica (Angel) and the Trine Dance Team compete in nearby Ft. Wayne. Well the ladies are always in need of funds, (who among us isn't?) so they arranged to have a fundraiser. CROP TIL YOU DROP I believe was what they called the twelve hour crop held on Saturday. Twenty pages I had in my done (ok, not quiet) pile by evening.  I met some other mothers of the dance team. Okay, I am not a dance mom, but an Auntie.
There were 15 or so folks there enjoying pretty papers mixing with adhesives and pictures to make wonderful layouts of memories. Some ladies opted for yarns or fabric to work on. It didn't matter, all had fun and were well fed all day long!
Boyfriends popped in and out and helped carry supplies to or from the gym. Angelica's grandpa stopped in a couple times as well.  He stated later that he couldn't believe people could sit that long and scrapbook. (As he looked over my 20 pages) Your really pat to do take your stuff somewhere and do that?  I explained it was fun to scrap with others and get ideas and share supplies. Also that I had never paid for a crop that I did not get food and prizes! So, yes, it is all worth it.
True confession, I prefer my pages with lots of embellishments, but one can only carry so many my pages, yes 20 of them, have been cropped, matted and put on pages. Now the task is to add the character to each page!! That may take longer than the crop! So...when I , no make that, as I work to complete them, I will add them to my blog. From Holiday Inn, Inverness, to Ft Wayne Bishop Dw...something to the cheer and dance competition. The Trine team did a super job. On a spring board used for cheer, no less. If you want a comparison, it would be like a bowler, trying to approach on a carpeted alley. Not much natural slide/twirl help there on that felt spring board.

The girls did a super good job and succeeded in averaging 8/10 in all areas for judging. Standing against the odds to climb to success

We do that in our daily lives as well. I heard Joyce Meyer say this morning, 'If you choose to follow Christ, expect opposition..well works to that effect. I am not sure I should/could quote her. But in our walk with the Lord, we do run up against criticism from society, and often our own families. Stand firm on the rock, for our focus is on eternity, not our temporary home.

Blessings, and remember, He is coming soon.

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  1. How fun! I look forward to seeing some of those pages when you're ready to share them! :o)