Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Today's TBM

You may not have read my original "duh" moment. Having blogged about it here, I wonder if I have ignored such moments, or not had my eyes open to see such insightful information.
Today's moment came, as I am sitting here with the computer, blogging, lazin' and pouting about one thing and another. Unmotivated, I want (at least I think I do) to get some creative projects completed. In my mind, they are already beautiful. I know, because I have viewed them on the blog visits I have been making over the past week. I even have the my stash.

Psalms 37:4 reads, Delight yourself in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart.

This was not a sudden bright light, but more like those new curly, light mandatory sort of things that take a while to obtain the brightness it brags....Sort of a slow dawning of illumination of the entire concept.

Self examination, do I desire in my heart, to create? Yes, I think I do, at least there is a nudging to be making something. Either with paper or my sewing machine.  So that leaves me with delighting in the LordGUILTY!!! Tried and convicted. Oh, I love the Father and the Son. Read and pray daily. But delight?

According to Webster the noun delight is a

1: high degree of gratification, also extreme satisfaction
2: something that gives great pleasure.

Well, I see this as allowing GOD to do the work of delivering satisfaction and pleasure. Now I look at the intransitive verb 
1: to take great pleasure
2: to give keen enjoyment

and the transitive verb
1: to give joy or satisfaction

Now I see my responsibility in delighting myself in the Lord is to be active in giving back to Him a portion of all He has given me! both the tangible and the not so touchable or visibly measurable.

Beginning now, I must remember, to be active in delighting in the Lord!

Thanks for listening!


  1. Oh, yes!! You've got it now! :o)
    Maybe you'd like to participate in the Hymn and Scripture Challenge this year. It combines creating and spending time with the Lord!...Nancy :o)

  2. Okay, all caught up again! I missed commenting on a couple of posts because I'm filling up your mail box! lol It's wonderful that you are posting more regularly and continuing to share the Lord and what He lays on your heart! Thank you!...Nancy :o)