Sunday, January 13, 2013

Blogging the weekend

I have been experiencing a bit of difficulty getting around the past few days. SO....I took the weekend and explored the wonderful world of Blogging. Sometimes via Pinterest leads! I have posted some new badges to share some fantastic places and opportunities. Now, I am linking you to some of the blogs I enjoyed Vintage with Laces has some wonderful pictures to inspire. Victoria, over at  2 Bags Full has some of the most beautiful designs I have ever gazed upon. Shelly Rollins has a terrific pin site!! Take a gander at the pretty papers on Anne's paper fun!  I am drawn to vintage, shabby, upcycled, stuff!! Michelle has a fun blog at Vintage Junky. 

My new cyber world opened much these last 48 hours. Please take no offense at being featured on this post.  I loved the creative inspirations I found along the way! Thanks ladies for being there sharing your talents!!


  1. Wonderful links, Robyn! Thank you for sharing what you discovered on your journey into blogland! Have a wonderful week!...Nancy :o)

  2. Hi Robyn - Thank you for stopping by and leaving your sweet comments on my Blog. I am new to Blogging and am also amazed at this cyber-world we 'live' in. Thank you again!

  3. Robyn, thanks for visiting my blog!! Your kind words are so appreciated. I so enjoyed coming here to visit here and see your sharing of the Word, your love for the Lord, and your inspiring words. God has truly blessed so many different bloggers with talents and it is an inspiration to see what is out there. I will have to check out the links listed here.
    be blessed,