Monday, May 20, 2013


I read some blogs entries that begin with a  version of 'its been too long since I posted...' or words to that effect.  I have not publicly posted in nearly a month. I have put some post together in the draft folder, that I am not sure are ready to post.

Today however, I am taking a short break, to pull some thoughts together. Last week was Mother's Day. Nothing special here, but thoughts of special women that influence our lives do tend to surface this time of year.  Ruth and Naomi come to mind. Naomi, must have been a wonderful influence on her daughter in law, Ruth. When she was left a widow, she choose to follow Naomi, back to her home. There was much tears and sorrow at the parting of Naomi's daughter in law, Orpah. She departed from her mother in law to return to her people. Ruth, perhaps feeling overwhelmed by the loss of her husband, choose to return with Naomi, to the land of her people. She promised to cleave to Naomi. Her faithfulness rewarded in due time.

The conversation found in the Book of Ruth, is often used in marriage ceremonies yet today. The strength of female companionship demonstrated. The strength of a mother's and grandmother's faith once again recognized in 2 Timothy.

Ladies, we have a Godly obligation to be examples for folks around us. May the blessings of Christ Jesus reign  upon you today, as you look to Him for strength and bask in the glory of His faithfulness.

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  1. Ooh...Another "AMEN" post, Robyn! Wonderful words! :o)