Monday, May 20, 2013

Giving Sisters

Don, in case you would ever happen by to read this, its not about leaving you out!! Not only is your family blessed, but all of America, by your giving of your time in military service. We are all proud you have served well.

Driving down a county road this past week, I see my sister heading the opposite direction. She and her husband are building a beautiful new home on this road. As I was driving, I reflected in the differences in our lives. ( And, because I needed to be reminded,) the Lord placed upon my heart, the sameness in this small circle of sisters.

Reflecting over the past couple decades, I can recall times that each of us have given of ourselves. Involved in leadership youth programs, promoting issues and candidates we believe in. Time and tears vested in one another through heartache and victories. Standing up to outsiders that may talk less than positive about one or another.

Each of us giving as the Lord has gifted us to do. I want to say a big thank you for the times of trial, because each has presented with an opportunity to grow.  As the generations head into the future, if the Lord should tarry, I pray blessings on each of our children, and their children to hold high the torch of witness to Gods grace. 

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