Friday, June 14, 2013

Some time back a fellow blogger sent me a list of questions to answer and share on my blog. I believe it was a way of introducing new blogs and new bloggers, if you will, to some new ideas! I declined the invitation, but answered the questions just the same. Today, I read and modified my answers.  They are largely unchanged, however some dates and occupation info added. 
Of late, I have struggled with life with a near 18. I am trying to remember my desire of independence at that age......I am certain I caused my parents stress, tears and sleepless nights. I don't remember more than I few decisions I made causing parental heartbreak.  Do not have the privilege to ask them to recall them now, to help me in this struggle to be the 'good mom'.  Again, I say, my answers here have not changed much.  My heart of hearts still believes in serving Christ with the talents you are gifted with.  God has remained more faithful than I am capable of. Praise His Holy name. 

1. What motto do you live by?
Do all things as if unto the Lord, not man!! But Man oh man, do I fall short!! Daily, I remind myself how necessary it is to keep Christ first above all things of this world!

2. What's your day job?
School teacher to my home schooled 17 year old son. Evenings and night time I am on call for our local HOsPicE. Where, hope is never missing! Then there is my other day job as a jail nurse.

3. What's your favourite movie?
My favorite movie is Always. Love the music, the eternalness of love and Richard Dreyfuss!

4. If you could have dinner with any living person, who would it be?
My precious family, every day of the week!

5. Savoury or sweet?
Depends on the day and the options. I do have a sweet tooth, but love the savory taste of home grown and freshly prepared food.

6. What's your favourite book and/or who's your favourite author?
The Bible has always been my favorite book. Enjoy learning from Paul's writing. . . and David...and Solomon

7. Any regrets?
 As I come to a time in my life that review happens on a regular basis, I find the most often 'regrets' if you will, are the time spent away from the ones I treasure here on earth.

8. How long have you known your best friend?
I met Gail more than ten years ago. I have always said, I know lots of people, but not many I call friend. (that deserves a dedicated post)

9. If you could wave a magic wand and solve one world issue, which problem would you choose to address? 
Not a believer in 'magic wands' there isn't a single one thing that I would 'fix' I believe all thing work together for those that love the Lord.

10. Have you ever had surgery? 
Does assisting in surgery count?

11. What's your favourite charity? 
Once again, Hospice, hands down!

Thank you Shaz for the encouraging words and works on your blog. I enjoy it often. I have not offered much here on Refreshed and Restored lately. But such is the season of life.  I was reminded as I read scripture this morning that God does indeed Refresh us. 
May your day be enriched by the love of Christ demonstrated by someone who crosses your path.  Keep your eyes and hearts open to it!!

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