Saturday, November 23, 2013

We Shall Enter His Gates with Thanksgiving in Our Hearts

Next week is the American tradition of Thanksgiving. It is a very celebrated holiday here in the heart of Ohio. Marked by "Black Friday" sales......which are already in progress?? If not they do begin on Thursday sometime! In my humble opinion, our society has become less involved in being a family and more involved is competing with one another.  Back in the day, holidays involved family togetherness. Preparation, presentation, participation! Enjoying one another's company, even after the turkey was carved. These days, maybe there will not even be turkey on the table. (nothing personal intended, I refer to American society at large) Before the last of the cold turkey (yes, it sat out most of the afternoon without ill effects) is consumed and pie digested, folk will be rushing out the doors to beat the next person to the 'black Friday deals'  Hummmm???? is there something in that name?

Off my soap box now, I would like to remind you that our Lord and Savior savors the relationship with his children. Even when our little world is falling apart, there is a greater plan. For His ways are not our ways and giving thanks in all things feels wrong.  But God did not instruct us to give thanks FOR all things, but IN all things. For all things work together for those that serve according to HIS purpose. There will be sorrow and heartache for many this holiday season.  I find comfort in knowing the Comforter is greater than any sadness that reaches into my personal life.  Does it ache? Sure, but as Charles Colson, in The Faith, (according to David Jeremiah) The Trinity...answers the deepest needs of the human heart, offering a depth of spirituality unknown in any other religion.

Today, I close in a word of prayer for any of you that are feeling the depth of pain of loss. May you also feel the joy of understanding of Christ love for you.

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  1. Not even in US but so agree with you over it all Robyn.. thanks for popping by! and may the LORD bless you, Shaz in Oz.xx