Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Restored.....again! Praise be to God our Father

I stop by now and again and see that I have need of a new post.  Motivation is essential in posting something new. Although, I have been rather busy of late, I have not taken time to share a word or two here. Lost opportunities for me to share with you the love of Christ.
Recent events took our family on a jaunt that, I for one could find no need for! Such as it is when the Lord has a word for you to heed, a lesson for you to learn, or encouragement for you to gain.
Well, sparing you the details, we have traveled a stormy  sea over the past 6 or 7 weeks.  The important event to share is, during this time, the hand of God has been visible for the journey. While one source of income was cut short, another was deepened beyond belief. Fatigue and frustration wear a body down, God restores by such a greater volume it is immeasurable. Press on He tells us. so press on we did. The work of the Lord in little things adds to much bigger rewards than that of the moment.  From unexpected coincidences (your know the ones I mean, I like to call them God-instances!!) to fulfilled obligation, when it seemed there was no way! Just like God to reach down and provide for His children, even when we do not deserve it!!
Oh, my human anger and impatience flared more than once. But, hey, opportunity to practice requesting forgiveness! Every thing works together for those that serve the Lord. He said it, I believe it, there for I desire for you too, to find strength in the love of Christ in all things.
 Jesus loves me, this I know, for the Bible tells me so.  An often sung song of the little people in church. It holds the depth of truth beyond measure.

Jesus stands beside me as I tend the needs of people in my path.  They often express thanks for being there.  But I  am the one truly blessed! Again I say rejoice!

Go forth and be a blessing to someone, it will return 100 fold!!

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  1. Robyn dear, I pray that the job situation has worked itself out and that things are somewhat back to normal for you. I really miss chatting with you and the girls since the forum was closed. Shoot me an email anytime, k? Love and hugs, Angie