Tuesday, March 25, 2014


I started this post on the 5th day of February, 2014.  Days moved on, I walked the walk designed to grow me in so many ways. But now, I am adding this small intro and post the rest as I had written previously:

The post titled Prayer,  I had intended to share a part of my heart, the Lord choose a different part.  SO the title is as it now says,  Well....????
Within the plans the Lord has for us, we oft times find questions, confusion and refusal on our parts. The enemy is master of confusion. I believe that to be true, because in I Corinthians 14:32-34 we are reminded God is not a God of disorder, but of peace...

I have a precious friend, I have known him for many years. He is my spiritual mentor and encourager of things of Christ. I can call him and he will walk me though prayer for any and every thing.. I can call and he will walk me through electrical disconnection, re-connection or plumbing repair. He will drop everything and listen and pray with me.  My phone often signals a text has arrived and it will say, simply,  "it is well with your soul?"  or perhaps, 'you are on my heart, I am praying for you'. Once in a while it would inquire, got a minute?
He loves my husband and supports him in his efforts in Christ, he laughs with my son (since he was much smaller) and has baked cookies for prison ministry with him. He involves people in a compassionate, loving way.  A true disciple of Christ.

His heart is for missions, on the streets he lives and in countries far from home.  Widowed while his daughters were young, he raised them to honor God in all things.  He taught them to walk in Christ and rely on Him as they became independent, mature Christian women.

It is his hearts desires to walk with the Jesus.  On his latest mission trip he took a walk along the shore. I can picture him, communing with Christ.  Then went home to be with Him.

Well....I miss you, but,. . . .   IT IS. . . .   Well with my Soul...


  1. Robyn dear, I am so sorry about your dear friend! Prayers continue each day, my friend, for healing and comfort for your precious heart! Love you, sister!

  2. Oh, Robyn, sweet friend, thank you for sharing this precious post about your dear and godly friend! I'm so sorry for your loss and for his family, and like Angie, I continue to pray for you as you work through this comfort and healing process! It's always a joy to see a new post from you, precious friend! Warm hugs!