Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Happy? or Joyful?

Everyday humans use words. Or perhaps misuse words.  I, for one find the use of love, much over and not appropriately used. Awesome is another misused words. 
Love is used to describe how we feel about another human being, or a piece of chocolate, or a type of entertainment. 
Awesome is an adjective used to describe an incomprehensible feeling or item.  Toasted marshmallow and gourmet chocolate cupcakes, although delightfully delicious, are not incomprehensible in taste.

Happy is how we feel as a result of an external factor in our lives. It could be a person, food, television program, a hug or a compliment from the boss. Happiness can warm our heart, make us feel good about ourselves, and effect a response to a situation. It is subject to circumstance.
'Happy' may also be used to infer trigger happy?  Happy is something we have come to

JOY, however is an abiding source of contentment that wells up from within.  Even in discontent and states of unhappiness, we are able to maintain our joy.  In my digging I found this older post. I am not suggesting I stand with the author in all things, this is the only article I read. But I refer you to read for yourself. (thank you Sherman Nobles)

Our joy is not diminished by outcomes of our human decisions about having pie or cookies for dessert. Nor is it determined by job choices and life circumstances.  Joy is more than an emotional response to situational contentment, momentary smiles and laughter.  Even in the depth of discontent with life circumstance, we can still feel joy.  James writes to the 12 tribes a greeting that states, consider it pure joy , my brothers whenever you face trials of many kinds. because you know that the testing of  your faith develops perseverance....

So my friend, as I lift you before the throne today, my prayer is this, that you count it all joy. For one day we will be rewarded for our faithfulness.
Dollar Store special had cups with various words. Today, I choose joy.....Esther 9:22


  1. Was going to ask where you got the cup. Dollar Store find! How great is that!!

  2. I love reading your blog. It always seems to fit with the day I read it, even if it is not the day you posted it. Even this very morning I had joy. My sweet baby has been off a little on the schedule of sleeping for a few days. Yesterday I had only gotten 4 hours of interuped (by a feeding) sleep. Which would be fine, but I had stuff to do and didnt get a nap. So last night was similar. Got to bed around 11. Up at 2:50 to fed my little girl. Back to bed around 3:45. About 7:30 someone decided she was getting hungry again. I got and picked her up out of her bassinet and held her close and kissed her. I looked over to my husband and he said, you know what that is, that smile is happy. I didnt even know I was smiling. As I walked to the nursery to change and feed my little girl, I thought, this is not happy, this is pure joy, no matter how tired I am. I kissed my little sweety again and sat down to nurse her. Sorry this was so long, but I wanted to share. And by the way my little girl is incomprehensibley Awesome!

    1. My sweet young momma, our babies are indeed a source of great love. Like the love God has for us, only He loves us so much more! Now TALk about Awsome and incomprehensible!!

  3. Oh, Robyn, it's always a delight to read your blog posts and to see how God is working in your life (as He does in mine), and I praise Him for His great love for us and how it is He and He alone Who gives us great joy and peace...through the trials and wonderful moments He allows in our lives! Send hugs, sweet friend!