Thursday, April 24, 2014

With or Without Tears.

I am having a moment without tears this morning.
As a Hospice nurse, death is a frequent presence in my life. God has gifted me with the desire to minister to the families of loved ones facing a human ending chapter to this book called life. I have been with our local hospice on and off since the pre-patient days in the early 1990's.  Perhaps that makes me a veteran of sorts.  Maybe not.
The peace that attends many deaths is a comforting thing to me.  Last week I attended two deaths, the first since my Dad's own passing.  Yes, the tears fell. Yes, I miss my Dad so much. But I am blessed to be available for others in their time of deep sorrow and grief. Albeit somewhat expected in most cases, it is not an easy process for family members to endure.
I thank the Lord, for His grace, for giving me opportunity to share His love. Even families that may not walk closely with Christ, often accept prayer during the final hours or days of a loved ones life.  Praise God for times to share and seeds planted.

addendum,  now several weeks since I drafted this

Yesterday brought sunshine and warmer weather. As if there were not enough changes in my life, there are more going on and more to come.  The social worker in me, built in no formal training, understands that life changes effect our everyday.  Sixteen year old son= drivers license=trust and fear. SAHM goes to work three days a week, in addition to after hours oncall. Home school family changes=schooling schedule changes.....Well, enough said.  Today I was off work and watched my young son put together the lawn mower. First time for him. (it had been reconfigured for winter snow plowing) SUCCESS!
...and it works.

Plan you day to find some time to spend with Jesus, its worth it!

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  1. Ah, yes, Robyn, attending a funeral after your dad's is a very hard memory jogger! But I continue to pray for you and pray for continued comfort as you provide tender care and comfort for those who are in hospital and especially for their family members! What a blessing you provide to so many! Praying that God will continue to give you the strength and grace to do so! And praying that mom adjusts to have a driving teen-ager! How wonderful that he's to clever and gifted too! Hugs, precious friend!