Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Trust, Representative, and Truth

I have long admired the artwork of this Patter Cross. She presents the glory of Christ in her delightful work, in paper or fiber, or design. Following thru others, I have witnessed the challenges she sets forth as scripture, hymns and for 2015, Glory Art.  My sweet husband allowed me to design a large crafty space when we built our custom home ten plus years ago. It is shameful how much time and space I have wasted by not utilizing it. Working on that fifteen minutes at a time. (sometimes that moves backward to sessions!!)

Nancy, has been a faithful friend in blogland, visiting and encouraging me through many days in the past couple years. She is largely responsible for my efforts to participate  with her and others in Patter's challenge. So here are my first efforts. I have not yet decided to keep the framework the same from challenge to challenge, but for these three, I opted to pull them together in a grouping of sorts. Tags, without borders!.........opps, I forgot to snap a picture to link here.

Cheryl, thank you for your ongoing encouragement and emails to lift my spirits this past year. Although your paper crafting art is inspirational, your tender and obedient heart lifts my spirit and reminds me the Lord never forsakes us.  Thank you, dear one. (hope this find you warm, I think it may never spring up here in Ohio).  PS with the length of delay to post this draft, we are not headed into fall! Oh my!!

Shaz, your blog lifts me each visit. Driving me to desire a visit to your beautiful county. (it is a place I have always felt a niggling to see first hand) your pictures give me a glance into God's artful perfection in your homeland. Thank you. Your fine hand and card design causes me to reflect on so many of my. as yet, incomplete projects.

Ginna You are one talented lady. It is good always to read your emails and visit your blog, where I can only drool at your beautiful artwork. You are an inspiration in your love for Christ and the way you make paper turn into beauty!!Thanks

I have done some projects, crafting with paper, restoring, power tools...... But alas, I am not so good and finding/making time to blog about them. I may even have forgotten how to post pictures. Forgive me.  I am busy loving on my youngest, now 17, too quickly he will be out and on his own. Perhaps, if the Lord lingers, I will be back more frequently.

Thank you, ladies, for your ministries, for reaching out to touch the lives of others. May your blessings return tenfold!


  1. Oh, sweet Robyn, it is a joy to see you post a week! Praise God. I always love reading your posts, and how very sweet of you to mention me. While we don't know each other except here on the internet, someday we shall meet and rejoice at the feet of Jesus. It's been a hard year for me health wise, but we continue to trust the Lord and ask for guidance and strength. God is so gracious. Hugs, dear friend!

  2. Dear sweet sister in the LORD how utterly kind of you to write this post.. And to mention me in it.. Was quite blown away when I realised it wa some you were talking about.
    May the LORD guide you in all your endeavours, family is important so it is good to give it the right space, our craftiness also needs its right space in our own unique lives. We no two are alike so will walk very different paths.

    Thanks for being such an encouragement.
    I don't visit as I should because my feedburner subscription broke and so do not get any emails sent now.. For some weird reason it won't recognise my email address.
    Will put your blog on my sidebar then will maybe keep up to date better. A comment will mostly draw me though :)
    Hugs and God bless. Shaz in Oz.x

    {Calligraphy Cards - Shaz in Oz}