Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Be Still and KNOW....

It is journey I am familiar with. Tending loved ones in times they are not able to fully tend to their own needs. For a few weeks now, I have had the privilege to cook and clean for my "Uncle/Cousin" and sit quietly and listen. Knowing full well the Lord has orchestrated the scene. Before time began, he created me for 'such a time as this'. I am blessed to recognize that from time to time in my life. As Ed sleeps quietly in the other room, I am scanning century old photos to send off to be printed for pick up tomorrow. There are other photos as well, many from my own childhood. Those are the ones that stir me with a sweet, melancholy for days gone by.
Ed, at 91 is a little unsteady on his feet and tires too quickly to prepare his meals. Oh it has been great fun to play in the kitchen, feasting him with so "never before tasted" meals. (okay, maybe he just forgot, cuz I have fixed lasagna for him before!)   ......................

Time passes, Ed's wife, my Aunt Barb spent a few months in an extended care facility, recovering from the physical response to tending to her beloved husband and soul mate. Although they were married later in life after world exploration, life's experiences and general searching, they are indeed perfect for one another.  This couple compliments one another in the ways some only dream of. Not so much the 'say something nice, or don't say anything' compliment. But the strengths and weakness, meld together to make a great match. As one may falter, the other rises up. Aging has been an adjustment for Uncle Ed. A man of exploration and great courage, he has walked the plains of Africa, explored the great United States. Ed is a master at studies. Well read in a plethora of subjects, he has forgotten more than many will know in a lifetime. The Word of God is the most important to Ed. That is not new. Groomed from childhood to become a leader in the church, he followed family imposed desires for perhaps a decade or more. He questioned, explored, witnessed, loved and experienced life in a variety of ways. His tales come alive as he reminisces of life experiences and great adventure. As he comes before the throne of God, he speaks eloquently to our Heavenly Father. Ed is a gentleman of great depth. With a ready laugh and always a thankful heart, one never parts company without receiving a kind word from the master of words.

Aunt Barb, a physical beauty since the beginning of her life, has aged gracefully. Appearance of royalty, neat and well groomed, even when she was hospitalized. Generous of heart, she gives of herself and her resources.  Organized and prepared, even the grocery list is ordered by placement in the grocery store!! (I am fond of this, because now I am the main shopper: -) Eveyrthing has a place, there is no question where it is located, so you can find it quickly. Food storage, organized. Emergency water supply, organized. Extra paper supplies, abundant and organized...(only in my dreams can I come close;-( .

What a privilege to be loved by this precious couple.  The time spent in their home this past spring and summer, were trying, delightful, time consuming and exhausting.  I wouldn't trade it. Life experiences teach us, but we have to be a willing learner.

Don't give up during times of trial. Look to the Father of all creation, His promise to never forsake you is found in Hebrews 13:5  I close this long overdue post with a prayer for all who stumble here. May you feel the love and mercy of Christ. Given freely, unearned by human beings. It is the desire of my heart, that even one may come to feel the love of our Savior, and lift your eyes to the throne of God because He led you to this place.

Be Still and know for the Lord will be exhalted, may you be counted among us.


  1. Oh, Robyn, what a beautiful post! Thank you for sharing about Ed and Barb. They truly sound like a precious couple, and bless you for caring for them. And, yes, may we continue to look to our precious Father during trials of any kind. It's nice to see you post again. Hugs!

  2. A wonderful blessing dear Robyn thank you for this, Shaz .xxxxx