Thursday, June 9, 2016

June 3, 2016.
A long awaited Graduation Day.
WE worked hard toward the goal, pressing on, even when it felt so impossible to face.

Amazed at the numbers of supportive family and friends
Bewildered at the chaos of preparation and presentation
Confused over the details
Delighted with the results
Enjoyed the company
Friends and family alike
God granted great weather
However,  the rain.....
In a hurry to help, everyone took action
Just in time to clean up
Keeping the pictures and food dry
Leaving the cleanup completed
Me...relieved to see there is
Nothing left to do to make it home
Over the event of my year
Pretending, I am glad
Quiet frankly, I already miss the
Required number of hours it takes to
Study the
Text books
Unrelenting are the daily tears, recognizing the
Value of time already spent
Wondering where my
Xanadu world will take me now
Zany days and all, I could enjoy it again..

Congratulations Sammy Paul Stiffler
May you always remember from where you have come and keep your eyes upon Jesus in all the places you will go.
First Christmas Decorations
You will always be my baby boy.
Love Momma
Little German Farmer
Hocking Hills 1999


Sammy Paul 

 Time passes us quickly by. Even when the days feels long, the years flow swiftly by.

I miss my baby boy, but so love the man he is becoming.
Thank you Precious Lord for a fine young man. Please continue to guide him in this process of life. May your hand always guide him. His heart follow your.

Preserve him for work for your kingdom

Praising you for your faithfulness


  1. Congrats, Sammy!!! Momma's little munchkin is all grown up!! May the Lord guide you in all you do! God bless!

  2. Oh, what a blessing to see your beloved Sammy grow up to be a man, and may God continue to bless and guide him in all that comes in the future. And may you be encouraged to have brought this sweet son up to love the Lord and honor Him in all that Sammy does. Big hugs, sweet friend, and it's wonderful to see this post today!

  3. Amen, to God be the glory. Let us always lift up His name in all that we say or do, no matter how old or young we are...
    Thanks for sharing,
    Shaz in Oz.x

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