Sunday, November 7, 2010

Son shine

Today it is a bright and sunny day in the midwest.  I never did understand how or why Ohio was MID west. It is closer east than west...just a random thought.

This morning we had a wonderful service from the pulpit.  The sun coming thru my window just now reminds me that the Son shining in our lives is so much more that sunshine.

In the Bible, the word of authority, we have instructions in many things.  If it is a problem today, it was thought up before now.  There is a word, if we know where to go.  In order of importance, Pastor reminded us today that we are told 9 times in the Bible about a new birth.  To accept Jesus as our personal savior and ask forgiveness for our sins.  Twenty times we are told about baptism. Jesus himself was baptised. You remember the story?  Does the number of times make the importance higher?  Then there is the 70 times we are reminded to repent, yep, I think in the word, inspired by God, we can see that He knew before we were in existance that we would have a difficult time playing it straight.  But the main focus of the message this morning is that 378 times we are told of the second coming of Christ, to be watchful, for we do not know when. But be prepared, for we know not the hour.  No one can predict the time for our blessed Savior to shine from the eastern sky...................Are you prepared?

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