Thursday, February 28, 2013

Science inspired

Sometimes I write because I have an inspired thought. Today I write because it has been too long since I had that inspiration. Our days are full of schooling. It is Science Fair time. A time to research and learn the physical science behind motion.
Well, Sammy is a bowler. He has enjoyed the sport for several years.

OH OH, I have trailed away from the original post here. Stay with me, Science Fair is an option. For us, it was not optional. As the main instructor for my son, I insist that he participate. With a little prompting, he choose bowling to use as the object of research for his project. It started out simple enough. Hypothesis, the forward position of the weight block with in the bowling ball will result in higher number of pins down upon impact.

Well if, you have ever started a SF project, you may remember the research that really goes into it. The study of motion, velocity, has been invigorating to research close by him and learn the principles of science involved in bowling. The best part of all this is the energy and excitement he is finding in the learning process.

All this to remind you of the never failing power of prayer. You see, this year of schooling has been a struggle for me in reaching him, and inspiring him to get excited about learning. My daily prayer is to open doors; to find the right connection; to reach and teach. Even with the resistance, this has been a most helpful tool in reaching.  I am thankful to the Lord for answering my heartfelt prayer, and opening my eyes to seeing the answer!


  1. How fun! You make a really great point here, Robyn! The Lord ALWAYS hears and answers our prayers but we often neglect to see those answers. Sometimes we refuse to see the answers as answers because they're not the answers we wanted! lol We can be so difficult, can't we? In spite of that...God is patient and loveing...always!
    Have a beautiful day!...Nancy :o)

  2. Robyn, this goes to show that God can work through things when we cannot do it on our own. It is great that you were able to use something your Sammy enjoys as the basis for his project. Who knows, maybe it will strengthen not only his mind, but his game as well!