Monday, March 18, 2013


With my job, sometimes I am called out in the hours between bedtime and rise and shine! Driving in the dark of night makes me uncomfortable. More now than the years ago when I was much younger. (and fearless!!) Last night, it was decent weather, a bit cooler than the daytime hours, but within the next 4 hours, became downright cold. The wind cut thru to set a chill in my bones.
When I returned home, the car had warmed up, but the wind continued and chilled me again, as I walked toward the warmth of home. When I left, I had been preparing a packed lunch for my hubby. I finished the task, turned on the coffee pot and met him in the hall, as he prepared to leave for work. At four a.m. I was certain to have the darkness to catch a few hours of sleep.  Silly me. Just as I drifted off my phone rang again. A sweet recorded voice to say the school was on a two hour delay. (there is no way to take our name off the call list) Oh the comfort of peaceful sleep, again, the ringing of the phone. The school is now closed. The house is still quiet, dark and maybe I can sleep. With in the hour, yup, you guessed it. The phone again. This was a voice needing help in the early morning hours. After a few minutes of conversation, we were able to resolve the problem, with a promise to call again if it didn't work out. But, I was still cold. Even under the warmth of the blankets on my bed.
By this time, my body, accustomed being up and about, refused to ignore the call of the morning routine. A call to the office for updates of the night, and I closed my eyes once again.,  OH the blissful rest of the early morning.
Some where between my trip home and the time my hubby left for work the roads had become an icy source of potential danger.  I was wonderfully unaware.  There was that vague nagging of wonder about the school closing.....hey no sleep, out of routine..well it is my excuse and I am sticking to it!

Ice on the roads, mind set to getting some much needed rest, brought me to thinking about how the enemy deceives us each and every day.  He slick coats the truth with a clear coating, not warning of the treacherous conditions we are tempted to mix into.  Like the thin coat of ice on the roads, we stand in danger with each step, on mile, we travel. But up comes the sun to warm the air and clear the roads of ice. The path becomes more worn and now safer for travel in relationship to the glare of ice that covered the road in the dark of night.
In  1st Peter 2:9 we are told that we are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, God's  special  possession, that we may declare the Praised of Him, who CALLED US OUT OF DARKNESS, INTO HIS WONDERFUL LIGHT!! God is so good to bring to mind scripture to walk us thru each day. I give thanks for hearing that voice of our Lord, calling me out of darkness into His glorious light.
Take a moment today to hear His voice and share your testimony to your world. Perhaps a seed has been planted for you to water, or your sharing is the planting, 
One day the Lord will call us to our Heavenly home, what a day of rejoicing!

Thanks for listening, I will be praying for you!


  1. Great analogy! I'm not liking the time change where I have to get up in the dark, I love the morning light! But now, I'm off to work and will do my best to plant and water and then trust the Lord for the increase!! It's good to be a child of Light! God bless your day!! To God be the glory!

  2. Natalie, I do love it when you visit my blog! Your words are so encouraging and your faith glows even in cyber space! Blessings my dear friend.

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  4. Robyn, this truly is the way Satan tries to disguise sinfulness and evil, especially if we are not vigilant. Often, we are tempted to just drive right in to some disastrous roadways. Sometimes we do need to wait for our Lord to prepare the way before us. He will lift the fog or clear the ice for us so we can travel on safely.

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