Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Our days here are taking on some warmth. Not as warm as could be expected for spring, but warmer than the cold of the past weeks! We are privileged to have woods at the back of our property.  Sammy is drawn to the woods often. Begging me to walk with him, I find a series of excuses to put it off. Today, after some light house keeping, we donned our walking shoes and carried sticks to assist with the walk in the woods. The browned and dried leaves litter the floor of the protected woods. Peeking thru the ground cover are tiny specks of green. A promise of spring upon us. Searching for signs of wildlife, we spot deer tracks and turkey scratches (two weeks ago it was turkey tracks in the snow!). Even spotted a few deer scampering across the edge of the woods.
Soil, can become very poor when it is robbed of the nutrients. The soil can be improved by adding special products to the ground and working it in.  God has enriched the soil in the woods by His mighty hands, a cycle of life. As we walked the woods, I delighted in the deep rich blackness of the soil under the dried leaves. It reminded me of the richness of our lives when we allow the Lord to cover us in His love and protection. Obedient to honor Him with our lives, bringing glory to God in our everyday.
Feeling inspired by the refreshing time in the woods, I looked up enriched in the online Bible Gateway, and read this passage in 2 Corinthians 9. The Lord will enrich our every day so that we are able to be generous on every occasion! I want to be more enriched by the generosity of God's love in my everyday. I challenge you to work each day to bring Glory to God in every day activities.
I have been convicted to tame my tongue in all I say. It is easy for me to find fault in others, robbing my life of the enriching benefits of Christ's love in my life.


  1. Wonderfully written, Robyn. I too, desire to glorify the Lord with my words and actions. I pray they are working hand in hand, to honor Him. It's so easy to get out of sync and when our actions and words don't work together for good we end up walking in the flesh and then rarely enrich the life of others. We often even become a stumbling block. God forbid! Thanks for your instructive words that have reminded me to examine myself. You are a blessing to me Robyn!! Have a very blessed week!

  2. Natalie, it is always a welcome to read your comments. You are one of the greatest inspirations to me in recent years. I am so blessed to 'know' you thru the technology of our times. May you find the rich blessings of our Lord and Savior shining upon you always!