Saturday, April 20, 2013

Blessed are the Merciful...

...for they shall obtain mercy.
noun: 1, compassion or kindly forbearance shown to an offender... (
         2 the disposition to be compassionate or forbearing:
Each and every day we have an opportunity to show mercy to others. Me, well, I fall short EVERY day in taking advantage of those opportunities.

It has been twenty two years since Mom went to be with Jesus. The sudden loss caused because of another person's poor choice.  Each day we make human decisions that have an effect on others. We may never know the full impact of how we influence those around us. As we have watched the horror of Boston unfold this week, we may tend to judge the young men suspected in the bombing, to be guilty. Perhaps it is the influence of the media that causes that.  I read the words my son wrote on the subject, and see an assumption that the brothers are guilty. Often I wonder about the why of the thoughts behind the actions of the sadness we see in the news every day.  Just now, I drift toward the heartache of those closely effected by the events that day.  Fear, anger, maybe even rage. There must be so much emotion wrapped up in the lives of all.  Watching the film clips, it is difficult to see much. It is not like Hollywood, where you have a well rehearsed, scene that can be redone until it is just so. But what I did see was that not everyone ran away, there were some coming to aide others, without hesitation.

Do you wonder, what you would do in any similar situation? I do.  But today, I pray, I would, without hesitation or selfish thought, move ahead to deliver mercy to others, showing a disposition to be compassionate to the hurting.

Above all, I am grateful that Jesus, show mercy to us, and offers grace to all.  May you be richly blessed today as you are bumped to show compassion and understanding in the daily walk.


  1. AMEN, my friend! Beautifully said! Thank you for the wonderful reminder of Jesus' mercy to us! What a beautiful example He set!...Nancy :o)

  2. Love the breakdown of mercy you show in the definition... and the reminder of how it is not our place to judge but rather to show mercy! Hugs!