Monday, September 16, 2013

Blessed Assurance

September 16, 1955, Brenda entered the world as the first born of my mom and dad. In August the following year, I was number 2!  Never in my life have I ever felt second place to any of my siblings. (okay, maybe sometimes, but, hey, that was selfish interpretation!!

In January of 2012, Brenda went to be with Jesus. In our human capacity, we are not able to begin to comprehend the enormity of rejoicing with Jesus. I do however have the Blessed Assurance, of the love of  Christ in my life and eternity.

So, today, I have revisited some post I did in the past, remembering my sister. Miss you dear sister.

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  1. Yes! We have Blessed assurance that Jesus is ours! It is so hard when we lose our loved ones but what a comfort to know we will see them again! :o)