Thursday, June 26, 2014

He Fancied Himself an Artist

Several years ago, spending time with Dad, he purchased some pre-made bird houses, collected a few bottles of acrylic paints and some brushes. We talked about the different styles of painting, tole painting being the style he wanted to learn.
Dad believed he could be an artist.
Recently, I discovered a watercolor tablet in his things. There were a few pages that he had colored/painted on. Some looked much like the sort you save from kindergarten. But, I loved looking at those pictures. They show the willing heart of Dad. The belief in himself, that he instilled in all of us. YES,YOU CAN!! Anything you want, you can do. I had been out of high school ten years before I went to nursing school. Still he said, yes, you CAN! And, I did. Thanks Dad. You too Mom, for your belief in me, for pushing me when I thought it wasn't worth it. Without your faith in me, I would not have persevered. Pressing on to the goal for which I am running the race!

Now, I wonder
Did I listen close enough
Did he have deeper desires than I took time to hear
Are his memories lost forever because I failed to care
Oh Dad, I miss you,
I yearn to hear your voice once more
As you share....


  1. Ah, Robyn, your dad loved your DEARLY! That's clear to me! However, the Enemy will often put doubts in our minds. Take every thought captive and cherish the moments that he expressed love to you in big and small ways! I find great joy in remembering a special "post" my dad would take as we'd pick him up for church in front of his house (after he moved down to South Florida just blocks from us when my mom passed). Oh, what joy to remember that expression!! I continue to pray for you, sweet friend! Love, Cheryl

  2. What a treasure that artwork is to you, Robyn! Another beautiful post that shows the love of a daughter for her father. Don't dwell on wondering "what if" and "did I" but rather concentrate on his desires that you did know, and the memories that you do have. This is a wonderful post to remind of us what we are doing with our children!
    Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog. It was another beautiful thought! I went with the thought from 2 Corinthians 5:17. If anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation! :o)

  3. Hi Robyn, what a treasure the found artwork from your dear father has to be. Each passing day brings you stronger and peace will fill the empty spaces in time. God does this for us and HE knows just what our hearts need. I can so relate to you and the passing of my father going on 16 years in October. Not a day goes by I am not reminded of his love and what he meant in my life. Sorrow and sadness is now replaced with only joyful memories. I pray the same for you. Let Go and Let God!!

    Thank you for stopping by and your sweet comment. So nice to see you.
    Wishing you a Blessed week ahead.