Sunday, January 18, 2015

Stumbled, Fallen and Restored...again!

I should not wonder that the Lord continues to restore my soul, my attitude and heal my hurts. I am, after all, the one that has fallen short in my walk with the Lord.  Again.   My mind and heart are hurting on a compounded level that is not even important.

This week, I will quietly walk through the day that marks the third year since my dear sister, Brenda moved to be with Jesus. I still feel the depth of emotion that surrounded that day, and so many days since. Only a few days after that it will be a full year since my world shattered at the unexpected death of my sweet, prayer partner and mentor. Before the month is out, I will be reminded it has been a full years since my Daddy left this earth. Some days bring a heavy heart. Some days pass without tears.
Last week, I left the local pharmacy, for not the first time that day, ( my job sometimes requires a few stops in a single day) lost in thoughts of sorrow and mourning for my friend Joe. Sitting in the passenger  seat of the closest car was the smiling face of Joe's Momma! She greeted me with a precious hug and report she was doing well. Sweet lady passed her 90th birthday sometime back, and she presses on with love and service to our King. She said her son, Dave was in the bakery, so I popped in to say hello. Now, if you do not realize the depth of love Christ demonstrated in that small/great act, leave me a message, I will delight in sharing of His great love.

I miss my Dad, so much each and every day. Some days, I replay our last interaction together in my head. I can see the twinkle in his beautiful blue eyes. A picture I treasure and pray will never fade.  I drive his truck (yes, it sounds like a song!)  Thank you Lee Brice......  I wear his sweater, it feels like a nice warm hug. Thank you Lord for your saving grace, for not forgetting me in my sorrow. But also for picking me up, yet again, to be fully restored by your love.

I have been away from here for too long, I have not had much desire to create or even share a word or thought. Although there are not many followers to my pitiful blog, each of you are special to me, but more importantly, to the Father above, who would give it all again just for you.

Service this morning at church as well as Sunday School, has given me pause to reread the selection of scripture and dig a little deeper. Pray with me, as the Lord reveals to each of us, a little more about who He is and how much He loves me...and you.

Go forth and be blessed as you bless one another


  1. Oh, Robyn!
    God is so GOOD!! Yes...He picks us up time and time again, and loves us beyond all measure!
    I am sorry for your sorrow! I pray that you will feel the great comfort and peace that can only come from our Heavenly Father!
    I'm so excited to hear that you're joining the Scripture Challenge this year! Creating new projects to glorify God will be the absolute best therapy for us!
    Thank you so much for the sweet words you left on my blog! It meant so much to me! We will be an encouragement to each other, as we open ourselves up to what the Lord wants to teach us this year!
    Are you on facebook? Patter has created a group there for the challenge, as well. It is a lovely community of sisters with hearts for the Lord.
    Let's be excited for what's ahead! :o)

  2. Hi Robyn, God is good and he is the one who gives us strength to carry on when we feel we can't go on. I agree, with Nancy. Let's get excited about what God is going to do this year. Love you girl!

  3. Hi Robyn , it sounds like you have had some wonderful people in your life to love ! How you must miss them! How wonderful it is t know The Lord ,especially during these difficult times. He will help you 1 Looking forward to your Glory Art challenge projects. Patter's blog has helped me a great deal over the years!

  4. Oh, Robyn, it's wonderful to see you and read this blog post! Yes, we all fall and He faithfully and tirelessly picks us up again and again. And He understands the heartache we experience. And time heals, but it never heals completely. And, truly, sweet friend, it's still only a short time since you've experienced the losses that you have. Continuing to pray for you that God will make His presence very real as you seek Him for comfort! Sending love and hugs, sweet friend and sister!